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This phone is the first to ship with Android 11 — but it isn’t a Pixel

Google is poised to launch new Pixel phones running Android 11 later today, but they won’t be the first devices to launch with the new OS on board. Vivo’s new V20 lineup has started rolling out in select regions starting with Asia. The headlining V20 phone boasts an advanced selfie camera, a sleek design, and comes with Android 11 out of the box.

Vivo said its focus with the V20 was combing cutting-edge camera technology, sleek design, and strong all-around performance with the further enhancements brought with Android 11 like better conversation management, device controls, and privacy settings.

For the most part, the V20 looks like a solid upper-mid-range device. The specs seem adequate for the most part, although the triple camera system on the back does include a pretty pointless 2MP lens. I’m curious about the selfie camera, though, which Vivo claims can “withstand even extreme zooming” thanks to things like autofocus and its 44MP sensor.
Launching with Android 11 baked-in is good to see, too, although the other phones in the V20 series, the V20 Pro and V20 SE, are still debuting with software based on Android 10. In just a few hours, Google is officially unveiling the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G with Android 11 on board — but thanks to Vivo, they won’t be the first.
Source: Vivo

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