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Technology. mobile. Valorant: Are TSM unhappy about the upcoming Operator nerfs?

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While the majority of the Valorant community is looking forward to the upcoming Operator nerfs, there is one professional team who doesn’t seem to be taking it in a good stride.North America’s TeamSoloMid has a playstyle that heavily relies on Matthew “Wardell” Yu and his Operating skills.  In a recent interview with Team Liquid’s Lucas ‘Mendo’ Håkansson where Valorant dev Nick Wu Smith talks in-depth about some of the changes that the Operator will be receiving, it looks like TSM are set to get a direct nerf to their current playstyle.Wardell is by far one of the best Valorant snipers in the region. His Jett play is clean, and his wrist has a mean ‘flick’, which makes him an incredible asset during aggressive plays. Riot’s decision to tone down some of the Operator’s aggressive nature by increasing its Scope Deadzone (50% from 30%) will, therefore, directly affect Wardell and his playstyle.TSM may not be happy about the Operator nerfs in the upcoming Valorant patchSo what exactly made us feel that TSM might be unhappy about the upcoming Operator nerfs in Valorant?

Well, in a recent tweet, TSM’s head coach for Valorant Taylor “Tailored’ Broomall, called out Team Liquid’s Mendo about his interview with Nick Wu Smith.Tailored wrote:“Maybe Riot should talk to people who know how to play the game.” Now, Tailor might have written this tweet sarcastically to bait Team Liquid into a good-humored banter. But judging by how Mendo reacted to the post and keeping in mind TSM’s playstyle and the upcoming First Strike tournament that is on the horizon, we can’t help but feel that there may be some salt behind these words.the changes were set before I ever spoke to him, do you expect to be able to have an interview about a developer with set patch notes and change his mind about nerfing or buffing something?I’d love to see you try that, would be fun to watch!— Liquid Mendo (@Mendo) September 28, 2020The Valorant community also didn’t take it in a good stride, and many of the fans were quite vocal about their opinions of TSM in Tailored’s tweet.holy shit all tsm squad is so salty about OP nerf, your one-dimensional team is gonna be exposed hard now so I kinda understand— MIgatewht (@Magnesiohasting) September 28, 2020One dimensional team crying about the OP change. Good look as a head coach to tweet shit like this also. Keep it up 👍— Kasper Norstedt (@kasper_norstedt) September 28, 2020lmfao Wardell liked this. It’s been a fun four months in the limelight for him I bet, now he actually has to play the game or fade back into mediocrity KEKW— Miro! 😈 BLM (@Crisis_x2) September 29, 2020To make things worse for TSM, even Wardell took to Twitter to express his opinions about the upcoming Operator changes.why don’t we just nerf jett instead of the OP— TSM | Matt ”WARDELL” Yu (@WARDELL416) September 28, 2020His comment to nerf Jett and not the Operator fell on deaf ears as a Valorant player replies with the following comment.JETT ONLY EXPLOITED THE WEAKNESSES OF THE OPERATOR, PEOPLE WERE GOING TO CONTINUE ABUSE THE OP, THEY NEEDED A NERF BECAUSE THIS IS NOT CS IN CS EVERYONE HAS SMOKES AND FLASHES, IN NO GAME SHOULD IT BE EASY TO USE A WEAPON THAT KILLS WITH A SHOT….— Marcos (@Marckoz44) September 28, 2020Twitter was not the only place where Valorant fans are out with pitchforks for TSM. In this Reddit thread, we can see exactly what the community feels about Tailored’s tweets. Screenshot of the Reddit threadTSM and Sentinels are two of the most dominant teams in North America, and if TSM aren’t able to mix up their playstyle before the upcoming competition, then they just might be playing second fiddle in the region.
Published 29 Sep 2020, 12:38 IST

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