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Technology. mobile. Fortnite: Is Epic mishandling the competitive potential and eSports perspective?

Technology. mobile.
]As Fortnite battle royale celebrates its 3rd birthday, it’s time to look back and address a few issues. A significant section of the community claims that the game has died down, and that it is now just a marketing gimmick. Some even claim that the game died when Playground was introduced. We wanted to address the conversations we’ve been seeing about cheating and bad actors within the Fortnite Competitive ecosystem, read more in our update: https://t.co/mwNB5w3KBS— Fortnite Competitive (@FNCompetitive) August 26, 2020Despite all these issues, Fortnite still remains on top of the BR genre in the gaming world, competing with the likes of Call Of Duty Warzone and Apex Legends. However, not all these issues are unfounded; some of them make a lot of sense. The disparity created in FortniteF IT, Hopes for Season 4-RemoveFish, Charge Shotgun, P90s, Mauraders (Stinks & Double RPG), Crash Pads, Launch Pads, Mythic POI’s, Vaults, Sharks, Henchman, Decoys, Solo Cash Cups/Any 1 session Cash cups-AddCombat or Pump, buff Tacs, Bounce Pads, 2 Stage Cash Cups (customs)— Bizzle (@FaZeBizzle) August 26, 2020The most important one being the disparity created in the competitive scene. As seen in the recent Fortnite Champion Series, cheating has become a massive factor in the game. Since then, Epic Games took some pre-emptive measures to tackle these issues. However, this is just where the problem begins. Look at all these Fortnite players trying to claim that their game isn’t dying.All they have left is false hope, but the moment the game became competetive was the day it started to die.Also, Minecraft is still very much alive, and google trends is a pretty acurate source. pic.twitter.com/Pwnef5CPjg— Mr. Magicarp (@TheOrangeFish_) September 23, 2020Epic Games always make it a point to solve an issue that pops up. Several experts though, claim that they do not go back to previous problems to address them. 

I would tweet out free fortnite, but you guys stopped listening to us after a black hole event, and took out patch notes. And now there is no communication, so frankly Idgaf— NRG Edgey (@Edgeyy) August 13, 2020Competitive players have followed the pattern and made it a point to use social media to express dissatisfaction, especially when Epic Games does not pay attention. What makes Fortnite so special This includes players who are still in the game and players that have left. The likes of TimTheTatMan, SypherPK, Tfue, FaZe Bizzle, and even world champion Bugha, revealed their discontent with the dynamics of the game. Numerous players left over time to pursue other battle royale titles.  A building mechanic in a BR dynamic is what made Fortnite special. However, over the years, Epic Games have neglected this aspect and BR dynamics have evolved massively in the last three years.  With the growth of Warzone, there is a massive amount of changes other games need to make. For instance, the Gulag/Reboot feature, as TimTheTatMan pointed out. The community predictions and current changesIt’s here. My blog about why I believe solos should be relegated as a focus point of competitive Fortnite. They hold a special place in our hearts, and have given us a crazy bit of excitement/fun. Read:https://t.co/0272GnJlyY— Ballatw (@Ballatw) August 18, 2020Recently, after Rod Brusleu posted a Tweet, numerous old posts started cropping up. While some addressed how Fortnite could have been the best in eSports, others compared the Prize Pool changes.  Image Credits – https://www.reddit.com/user/beloved93/On the contrary, the game has evolved in a way that attracts new players to the game. Experts from different spheres are either choosing to move on or voice their opinions.  YouTuber itsJerian explains in his video how Epic Games is majorly lagging behind with the overall game. He suggests that has to start with the Arena Mode. A proper ranking system is also another aspect of how Fortnite can evolve.   itsJerian does go on to blame Epic Games for trying to make everyone happy. However, Epic Games has delivered in the past, and has improved their inter-community relations as well. Thus, conclusive blame cannot be shifted to anyone in this situation.Epic Games can potentially dominate eSports with Fortnite  Image Credits – Epic GamesEpic Games hoped to manage Fortnite by trying their best with what they had. The live events, concerts, collaborations, and incredible crossovers with other games have all come too late.  An unbalanced loot pool, poor weapon dynamics, laggy servers, reprehensible glitches, and a penchant for adding creative content instead of competitive fixes – these are all reasons that have driven players away. Thus, regardless of what happens with viewership on Twitch or on the eSports front, Fortnite will forever be one of the epoch-defining games of all time. The potential the competitive side has, should not be wasted. Therefore, Epic Games needs to address these issues to prevent further damage to the competitive side. They have in the past, and they followed that recently as well. Whether they continue to do so, remains to be seen.
Published 26 Sep 2020, 21:17 IST

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