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Sports. games. RR vs KXIP, 9th Match, Indian Premier League 2020

Sports. games. The loss would have hurt KXIP considering that they managed to boss the game with Tewatia looking clueless, but they would not mind losing a game when someone played what probably is one of the most unbelievable innings you will ever see. Never take it light, never think you are on top with the ball are the lessons Rahul and Co. would take from this game. Phew! What a game we’ve been treated to. Massive thanks to all those involved. The spices, the mixing, the aroma is all coming out brilliant. Aah the tournament’s turning out to be a nice curry! Just can’t want for RCB v MI tomorrow. See you all for that heavy-weight contest! He came out, swung blindly, didn’t touch the ball, looked down, people were mocking him, people were asking him to get away from the scene, the team though backed him, they didn’t try to pull him off, he must have been feeling awful scoring just 8 off 19 balls being promoted in a 200+ chase at a crucial time, he must have been on the cusp of giving up with the mind drawing all the possible negative feelings in the world. But he kept his head high and suddenly hit one over the rope off a spinner and then he hit five off six. Rahul Tewatia – you have redefined the meaning of self belief. To be down and out and to reach the top of the world in a space of 10 minutes, that takes some doing. Salute to you sir! Sanju Samson | Player of the Match: I have been hitting it well for the past one year. So I was just sticking to my routine and feeling confident. I am happy to win a few games. I did a lot of soul searching after being frustrated at trying stuff. So I decided if I had ten more years of cricket left in me, I want to go back and give my everything. Steve Smith | Winning captain: That was some chase! Tewatia, that was some sort of display against Cottrell. We got an idea about the conditions here in the last game. It’s a small ground, we always thought if we have wickets in the shed we always have a chance. Samson is hitting sixes at will at the moment. We saw in the nets that he was hitting the ball like he did in that over to Cottrell. Credit to him. Three sixes off Cottrell would have got us back in that game, that’s great self-belief. Looked like we could be chasing over 250 at one point, credit to the bowlers for pulling things back. Rahul Tewatia: Now, I’m better. That was the worst first 20 balls that I have ever played. I was hitting the ball very good in the nets, so I had belief in myself and kept going. I was not hitting the ball well initially, I saw in the dug-out, everybody was curious because they know that I can hit the ball long. I thought I had to believe in myself. It was a matter of one six, after that, I got going. Five in an over went amazing. Coach sent me to hit sixes off the leg-spinner, but unfortunately I didn’t hit him. Ultimately, I hit off the other bowlers. KL Rahul | Losing captain: Look, this is T20 cricket, we have seen it so many years now, we did a lot of things right, we have to keep our chin up and come back stronger. A lot of positives tonight, we did a lot of things right, but such things do happen, great game of cricket, we have to give it to them (Rajasthan Royals). The game keeps you humble all the time, I honestly did think we had the game in our pocket. Towards the end they batted well and put pressure on our bowlers which led to mistakes. I back them to do the job, they have done well in the last two games, it’s OK to have one bad game. It’s good that this came early in the tournament, they will only learn from this and come back strongly. Small grounds and the total doesn’t really matter. We have seen in the last seven or eight games – be it in Sharjah or in Dubai, the bowlers are going the distance at the back end in this tournament so far, the teams are backing their batsmen to have a go at the death and get those big overs – Sanju Samson and Rahul Tewatia did really well, they were set, played superbly well and they deserve this win. Most runs scored in the last five overs of a successful run chase in IPL: 86 RR vs KXIP Sharjah 2020* 77 CSK v RCB Chennai 2012 72 RCB v Deccan Bengaluru 2012 72 CSK v RCB Bengaluru 2018 72 KKR v RCB Bengaluru 2019 Highest successful chases in IPL: 223 RR vs KXIP Sharjah 2020* 215 RR vs Deccan Hyderabad 2008 209 DD vs GL Delhi 2017 KL Rahul! Why did you give Maxwell the third over when Ashwin had three left? Maxwell bowled two cheap overs with Tewatia just connecting thin air, so Punjab probably tried to be smart with Maxwell again, but Samson outsmarted them with three sixes in 16th over to rejuvenate the Royals dugout. Shami got Samson out next over to put Punjab on top, but with Cottrell not hitting the right lengths, Tewatia happily hit balls out of the ground over the leg-side to pull off a stellar comeback. With Tewatia striking it that well, the rest who followed had great confidence and everything they touched flew over the rope. Smith, after that great start, and Samson having had to handle the extreme pressure when Tewatia struggled, even farming the strike at one point, will feel so relieved. Just for the sheer manner in which Tewatia turned things his way, give him the Player of the Match award I say. 21:43 Local Time, 17:43 GMT, 23:13 IST: Wow! That is one of the craziest games of cricket ever played. Firstly some brilliant batting by Punjab and then a great response from the Royals despite Buttler falling for a single digit score. And then Tewatia came. Swung, literally nothing touched the bat, he snailed to 8 off 19 and made the move to promote him up the order look foolish, but boy, he smashed 5 sixes off a Cottrell over to snatch the game. From throwing his head back in disappointment to walking off to a standing ovation just a few minutes after he was literally asked to retire. Words can’t describe that. And even after that turnaround he walked away quietly, just like how he came. Murugan Ashwin to Tom Curran, FOUR, backs away and lofts inside out over cover and that’s an incredible victory – the highest successful run chase in IPL history Tom Curran, right handed bat, comes to the crease Murugan Ashwin to Riyan Parag, out Bowled!! He’s knocked him over with a googly. Parag tries to sweep and misses, middle stump shattered. Two runs to get off four balls now. Riyan Parag b Murugan Ashwin 0(2) Murugan Ashwin to Riyan Parag, THATS OUT!! Bowled!! Slip in place Murugan Ashwin to Riyan Parag, no run, fired in, Parag digs it out Murugan Ashwin [1.0-0-12-0] is back into the attack Riyan Parag, right handed bat, comes to the crease Rahul Tewatia First 19 balls: Eight runs (No boundaries) Last 12 balls: 45 runs (7 X 6s) Shami to Rahul Tewatia, out Caught by Agarwal!! He tried to hit the winning runs but he’s pulled this short ball straight to deep mid-wicket. Come on, give him a standing ovation and the Royals are doing just that. Unable to touch the ball, people were questioning sending him and wanting him to retire, but he put on a six-hitting show like no-one. What an unbelievable ride of emotions that would have been! Rahul Tewatia c Agarwal b Shami 53(31) [6s-7]
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