• 31 May, 2023

Safest Countries in the World 2023 - World Population Review

Safest Countries in the World 2023 - World Population Review

Get To Know The Most Safest Place In The World, According To The 2023 Global Peace Index

Iceland is the safest place in the world, according to the 2023 global peace index;  


Why Iceland is the safest country in the world 2023.  


Child safety in Iceland is something of a children's paradise. The low crime rate, the nation's small size, the proximity to the wild nature, and the often- small towns and comfortable capital make this a haven for the young and the resistant.  


The safest country in the world according to the global peace index, Iceland's ranking is 1st, and its score is 1.107.  


The GPI rank 163 independent States and territories. In the past decade, the GPI has presented trends of increased global violence and less peacefulness.  


The 2022 GPI indicated Iceland, New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, and Australia to be the most peaceful countries. Afghanistan, amen, Syria, Russia, and South Sudan are the least peaceful; long-term findings of the 2017 GLOBAL PEACE INDEX include a less peaceful world over the past decade, a 2.14 percent deterioration in the global level of peace in the past decade.  

Iceland remains the most peaceful country in Europe and the world in the 2023 GPI. With an improvement in its score of 3.4%, violent demonstrations, and perceptions of criminality indicators improve.   

Each year, the institute for economics and peace punishes its global peace index (GPI) .its a highly cited source of advanced metrics measuring the status of peace and essential safety in the world; in 2023, for the 14th year in a row, Iceland tops the list of safest counties in the world, but what are the metrics? What makes Iceland so safe, and what does this mean? Read on for an in-depth guide before booking your cheap flight to Iceland, the safest country in the world.   




What Are The 10 Safest Countries In The World?   


The 10 safest countries in the world in 2023, according to the global peace index, are:   


New Zealand  






Czech republic  




Which Country Has The Lowest Crime Rate?   


According to the world population review, Qatar had the lowest crime rate by country in 2023, and Iceland is ranked 125 out of the 137 countries listed. On the other hand, the highest crime rate is in Venezuela, followed by Papua New Guinea and South Africa.   


The crime rate in Iceland is very low, measuring 23.75 on the crime index, a number calculated by dividing the total number of reported crimes of any kind by the total population.  


Quality of life, air, and everything in between in Iceland   

There is something to be said about the quality of living in Iceland when discussing safety; Iceland ranks no 1 in topics like community (quality of your social support network) and jobs (earning, job security, and unemployment). Iceland is ranked I. the top five places for indicators like environment (very little pollution and clean water). Income (high income and wealth). And maybe most importantly, when measuring the quality of life and life satisfaction, Icelanders Greenlander say they have general satisfaction with the quality of their water while the average is 84%. Off, life expectancy in Iceland. Quality of life is very high in Iceland.   


Which Country Is Best To Live A Peaceful Life   

Iceland is considered the most peaceful country in 2022, with a score of 1. On the other hand, the most dangerous country in the world is Afghanistan.  


Peacefulness is made up of  several factors, including the following:  

  • Number of violent deaths ¬†
  • Impact of terrorism¬† ¬†
  • Nuclear capability¬† ¬†
  • Condition of peace ¬†
  • Social security ¬†
  • Internal conflict ¬†
  • International relations ¬†


What's more, the Index considers factors such as the number of refugees and internally displaced persons and the level of political instability.  

Iceland also has a low rate of natural disasters, making it a safe place to live; based on all these factors, Iceland ranks as one of the safest countries in the world.   

As well as being ultra-safe, Iceland is also an exceptionally beautiful country. Some of the most stunning natural scenery in the world, .including glacis, hot springs, and waterfalls.  


Why Iceland Is The Safest Country In The World  


Our land of fire and ice, better known as Iceland, has been voted the safest country in the world for 12 years. The global peace safety index looks at crime rates, the political landscape l, natural disasters l, and health risks.  


Despite all its volcanoes and glaciers, Iceland is consistently at the top of the list, maintaining its place for years. There are on end; there are many reasons why Iceland cuts without getting into the nitty-gritty.  

The male and female ratio In Iceland  

Iceland in 2022 is 100.96 males per 100 females. There are 0.173 million males and 0.171 million females in Iceland. The percentage of the female population is 49.76 % compared to 50.24% male population. Iceland has 1.65 thousand more males than females. Iceland is in 146th position out of 201 countries/ territories regarding the female-to-male ratio.  


So famous  

Iceland is most famous for its ragged landscapes and scenery. The northern lights, blue lagoon, volcanoes, glaciers, and waterfalls top the list of must-sees. Iceland is also famous for its history and being settled by the Vikings .it's known as "the land of fire and ice "due to its contrasting landscapes.  


English is taught as a second language in Iceland, and almost every Icelander speaks the language fluently. More so, most Iceland speaks several other languages, including Danish, German, Spanish, and French, and welcome the opportunity to practice their language.   

There is a low crime rate in Iceland; people have no army, the murder rate is 0, and a very small amount of petty crimes, and police officers don't carry guns.