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‘Knew it was going to be bad…’: Memes and jokes that summed up first US Presidential Debate

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Updated: September 30, 2020 4:41:53 pm

Americans were largely disappointed with the first Presidential Debate and demanded some changes for the next two. After more than a year of circling each other, Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden finally met on the debate stage Tuesday night in Ohio. However, the first debate between the duo deteriorated into bitter taunts and near chaos as Trump repeatedly interrupted his opponent with angry — and personal — jabs, with Biden even asking his opponent to ‘shut up’. The chaotic debate saw many share sarcastic memes and jokes about the experience of watching the debate.
In the most tumultuous presidential debate in recent times, netizens agreed it was hard to hear either of the candidates speak, with constant interruptions and even the moderator struggling to keep both in check. There were plenty of bingo and drinking games played as people waited for something substantial to be discussed.
Many said that they expected the debate to be bad but it had exceeded their expectations. Many shared GIFs and memes to indicate how they felt after the debate.
Here’s some of the events that got everyone talking online.
‘It was anything but debate’

I didn’t watch the #PresidentialDebate because I have a hard time following really nuanced and detailed discussions about government policy.
— Sean Gunn (@seangunn) September 30, 2020

the loser tonight was america folks✊ #PresidentialDebate pic.twitter.com/mJfpP9wMwa
— shailja (@shailjas1210) September 30, 2020

That #PresidentialDebate was so 2020. #debates pic.twitter.com/K1TmDXU8jM
— € (@BackRoads775) September 30, 2020

Chris Wallace & the rest of America right now #PresidentialDebate pic.twitter.com/SeuzOwTnfa
— kenz (@kenzie_stone) September 30, 2020

I knew it was gonna be bad, but not like this. #PresidentialDebate 🐝 pic.twitter.com/IzyrTiQgaM
— RVADirt (@RVAdirt) September 30, 2020

#PresidentialDebate Feline Edition pic.twitter.com/wAf90vfOLT
— Luxmy Gopal📺 (@luxmy_g) September 30, 2020

this how the #PresidentialDebate went pic.twitter.com/1XED1lz5Zy
— no (@makotoesies) September 30, 2020

How the #PresidentialDebate really went down. Both guys are 🤡 #cheeto pic.twitter.com/fl0ULlN65G
— Lakers in 5 (@heavysharkk) September 30, 2020

The alternate dlc ending of the Presidential Debate #PresidentialDebate #Debate2020 #debates #BidenHarris2020 #2020debate #debate #shutupman #2020PresidentialDebate pic.twitter.com/MFQskRiWOb
— Ozzy (@lil_ozzy09) September 30, 2020

This debate like watching elementary kids fight over crayons 😭 Lmao Trump #PresidentialDebate #2020debate #Trump pic.twitter.com/7VttY9Pqb4
— Vquotes🥱 (@MsBoujee2) September 30, 2020
Mic muting should be introduced
Others wanted a new protocol for future debates so that a candidates mic is muted after they’ve spoken.

They need to mute the mic of who ever isn’t supposed to be speaking. #PresidentialDebate
— Barton Cowperthwaite (@bartonc) September 30, 2020

There should be a 2-minute buzzer that cuts the mic off #PresidentialDebate #Debate2020 pic.twitter.com/Rp1N8WXyN6
— Robert Burns (@RobertBurnsTV) September 30, 2020

They should turn off candidates microphones and play music if they keep interrupting each other…like the Oscars when a sound editor tries to thank his family 😬 #PresidentialDebate
— Clive Standen (@CliveStanden) September 30, 2020

Whomever handles the protocol for the mic at the Academy Awards, please reach out to the #PresidentialDebate team and tell them how to #CutTheMic . pic.twitter.com/3JLvnBtL9D
— Elektra Thompson (@CourEgeousTalk) September 30, 2020

oh god and here comes kanye to take the mic #PresidentialDebate pic.twitter.com/eUhzmlnHxR
— 🦌 😐 (@SnellSZN) September 30, 2020

I wish the #PresidentialDebate was on @zoom_us so someone could mute his damn mic #2020debate pic.twitter.com/IUR6635EyT
— Julie (@jsols46) September 30, 2020

Even in a rap battle, only one guy has a mic. #PresidentialDebate pic.twitter.com/R6bERdLOOH
— Pat Travers (@car383) September 30, 2020
Sympathies for Moderator Wallace
Many felt bad for the debate’s moderator Fox News host Chris Wallace having to deal with the chaos. Some compared him with an elementary or kindergarten teacher, while others hoped he “didn’t end up in therapy”.

Chris Wallace is nothing more than a substitute teacher. #PresidentialDebate #Debate2020 #Election2020
— 🦋Drunk3P0🦋 (@Drunk3P0) September 30, 2020

Wallace like a teacher 😂 #PresidentialDebate #Debate2020 pic.twitter.com/sH8pwNCyDE
— ☀️ (@VolleyMePlease) September 30, 2020

Folks, Chris Wallace is not a bad moderator. He just realized how difficult it is to be a 2nd grade teacher. #PresidentialDebate #Debates2020
— Ketan (Desh) (@keeda) September 30, 2020

Chris Wallace just need to do this: #PresidentialDebate pic.twitter.com/aeFULYNZbs
— T • W I L L 🏁 (@TheReal_TWill) September 30, 2020

chris wallace showing up to therapy tomorrow #PresidentialDebate pic.twitter.com/cqABPSlSce
— fill out the census losers (@3lijahkp) September 30, 2020

Has anyone checked on Chris Wallace after the #PresidentialDebate?
I imagine he’s somewhere at home like … pic.twitter.com/3XZSw7hsZT
— Kristen (@ManRuiTian) September 30, 2020
The debate may have started with civility but had devolved into a series of endless interruptions in 15 minutes. Biden, seemingly unable to complete a sentence, at one point blurted out, “Will you shut up, man?”
On stage, Trump refused to condemn white supremacists who have supported him, telling one such group known as Proud Boys to “stand back, stand by.” There were also heated clashes over the president’s handling of the pandemic, the integrity of the election results, deeply personal attacks about Biden’s family and how the Supreme Court will shape the future of the nation’s healthcare.
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