• 31 May, 2023

Jonathan Roumie dishes on 16-foot python co-star

Jonathan Roumie dishes on 16-foot python co-star

Ramis had no idea, however, that Satan would be portrayed in serpent foam by a gigantic and natural 16 python named Penelope.

When 'The Chosen' Jesus Met Giant Serpent Satan: Jonathan Roumie Dishes On 16-foot Python Co-star  

Ramis had no idea, however, that Satan would be portrayed in serpent foam by a gigantic and natural 16 python named Penelope. Jonathan roomie, who stars Jesus in the streaming faith series "the chosen," turns hippie . The upcoming film "Jesus revolution." This is a different kind of hippie, "roomie tells News4x of the new role. Jesus, in his own right, marched to his drum as far as the rabbis go. And he changed the system and stirred things up.  





Jonathan's roomie knew that portraying Jesus in "the chosen" faith-based streaming series would lead to an inevitable intense confrontation with Satan. To heighten the foreboding mood, mood lighting, smoke, and music were added to the garden scene, along with moving footage shot from ground level with a special lens to give a "snake-view" perspective.  

Jonathan routines knew that playing Jesus in the faith-based streaming series the chosen would inevitably result in a fierce conflict with Satan.  

It had no clue, however, that a massive actual, 16-foot python named Penelope would portray Satan as a serpent.  




Roumie and Penelope successfully executed the crucial opening scene for Sunday's season 3 episode despite having a healthy. She was intimidating, to say the least, according to roomie, even just by looking at her.  

Impressive to walk up to this enormous snake and feel her muscles move on you.  

 The computer–generated image of reptilian Satan was not going to be an option. "Chosen" series creator and directors Dallas Jenkins was intent on using a real snake for the scene l, which depicts a dream sequence experienced by Claudia, the wife of roman governor Pontius Pilate, who ultimately begs her husband not to allow Jesus to be crucified due to her powerful visions.   


Turns Hippie In Jesus' Revelation   

Stirring things up is just what "Jesus revolution "(in theaters February 24) is about. It stars roomie 48 as the charismatic hippie street preacher Lonnie Frisbee, who joins forces with ultimate square pastor chuck smith in a story based on real events.  

When Frisbee enters Smith's languishing church and attracts a growing number of barefoot hippies, it's a jolt to some traditional churchgoers l. but Smith's Calvary chapel flourishes as a hub in the surging youth Jesus movement – dabbed "the Jesus revolution "on Time magazine's June 21, 1971, cover. The story featured in the movie was published five years after the newsmagazine famously asked, "is God dead?" at the height of the hippie counterculture.   




For his performance, roomie dyed his long hair walnut–blonde to match Frisbee's "we took a trip to the salon to get closer to the authentic Lonnie," who consciously fashioned himself after Jesus, roomie says. The changes also helped to differentiate the portrayal from the roomie's role in "the chosen," (which released its season 3 trailer on October 17 and returned to theaters on November 18 before going to steam.   

It was essential to making that distinction that this isn't just some iteration of Jesus, but Lonnie's was a guy who lived and breathed and suffered in his one way," says Roumie.      

Roumie joked: I DIDN'T wet myself a little bit when they first brought her out. I don't know who stated that rumor."   

Penelope's TV debut was straightforward in the verdant garden built inside the new 30,000- square-foot soundstage constructed to film "the chosen" in Midlothian, Texas.   

With snake wrangler Tim Halberd overseeing the action, the production crew lowered the set temperature. It allowed the cold-blooded python to slither toward the largest heat source: Roumie, playing Jesus in the garden scene. "The best footage came from letting her go on her own, just exploring the garden with us following and catching the shot," says Juen. "She started going up close on Jonathan, and for a moment, we were like, 'Uh oh.'  

Roumie was unaware of the approaching snake but turned after being prompted to face it with a look of alarm for the scene. After the shoot, Roumie was eager to make nice and hold Penelope. The garden scene was enhanced with mood lighting, smoke, and music to create a foreboding mood, along with moving footage shot from ground level with a special lens to give a "snake-view" perspective.  

Roumie says the scene is crucial in setting the tone for "The Chosen," which will screen its season 3 finale in 2,000 theaters on Feb. 2 and 3. Season 6 will feature Jesus' crucifixion after Pontius Pilate washes his hands of capital punishment to appease the crowds, despite his wife's pleas.