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Entertainment Exclusive! Poonam Pandey and husband Sam Bombay claim, ‘We are back together’

Entertainment Poonam Pandey’s marriage with Sam Bombay (on September 9) made news for the wrong reasons, earlier this week when they allegedly had an argument that escalated to become an ugly fight. But guess, it’s a case of all’s well that ends well, at least for now. A while ago, Sam put out a happy picture of the two of them together.

The picture qualified for a question: Have Poonam and Sam kissed and made up? ETimes promptly called her in Goa and Sam was with her by her side. Both confirmed that they have sorted out their issues and are starting afresh.
Yes, you heard it right. Poonam and Sam are back together.

Poonam started off by saying, “We are trying to iron out things and have more or less sorted it all out. ” Sam quickly chipped in, “Everything is sorted. It all got blown out of proportion. It got distorted, I would say.” To which, Poonam endorsed, “We are back together.”

Added Poonam, “You know what? We both love each other too much. We are madly in love. And, which shaadi does not have its ups and downs? ”
Did the families mediate, we asked? Said Poonam, “Of course, families are important. But we tackled it our ownselves.”

According to Sam, the newlyweds will be back in Mumbai soon. Poonam exulted, “I am feeling very, very happy. ”
We also asked Poonam if the buzz floating that they brought out this fight in public because she’s headed to Bigg Boss 14 is true. Replied Poonam, “No way. I am not going to Bigg Boss 14. I am too small for the Bigg Boss show.”

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