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Entertainment Dancer inspires viral trend #SareeFlow by hooping in a saree to ‘Genda Phool’


Written by Meera Kalyani
| New Delhi |

Updated: September 26, 2020 10:15:52 pm

The video impressed many on the internet, with Kutty garnering tons of praise.In a video that is doing the rounds of the internet, a woman is seen hoop dancing to the popular song ‘Genda Phool’ in a saree and sneakers, and even the singer of the song has reshared it. Now, inspired by her video, many have started to take part in #SareeFlow trend in which they dance with hula hoops while wearing sarees.
Eshna Kutty, the 24-year-old dancer, posted a video of her performance on Instagram recently, in which she is seen performing to the song from the Delhi 6 soundtrack with a hula hoop, dressed in a saree and sports shoes.
“Sarees usually feel restrictive, it usually makes you feel like you can’t move in it, or be in it a certain way and I came up with the idea of saree flow to sort of break that stereotype,” Kutty told indianexpress.com.
The video, posted with hashtag #sareeflow, impressed many on the internet and there was plenty of praise for the dancer.
Watch the video here:

Kutty’s mother, journalist Chitra Narayanan, also shared the video on Twitter.
“Woke up to several people Whatsapping me this video! Meet my daughter who has sparked off a #sareeflow trend,” Narayanan wrote.
Impressed by the video, the singer of the song Rekha Bharadwaj also shared the clip on her social media accounts.
“Eshna Kutty is awesome,” the singer wrote.

Kutty, who is a professional hoop dancer and a dance movement practitioner, said she was very happy the video went viral since it showed that she didn’t have to be “extremely funny or sexy” to have a video go viral.
“The video had me, my authentic self, just having fun. Just the fact that it resonated with people and talked about the positivity it brought, it was the best part about it,” she said.
The Delhi resident, in an Instagram post, said that she hopes the trend will add a “unique twist to the global art form.”
Since being shared on Instagram, the video has been shared on other social media platforms and other women have performed their own versions. Here are some of the other entries from the viral challenge.

Kutty, who is psychology graduate from Delhi’s Lady Shri Ram College for Women, studied Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) at the Tata Institute of Social Science, Mumbai.
Take a look at some reactions to her performance:

I believe I’m already late in noticing this video…But it doesn’t make me any less awestruck..A star is born…Thank you for the #Friday high. May the #sareeflow movement grow… https://t.co/OtinRUCqYn
— anand mahindra (@anandmahindra) September 25, 2020

We’re glad you made it. Eshna, you are phenomenonal! ❤️
— S.. (@saanjhsehar) September 25, 2020

Thank you for brightening up our timelines today!
— Sumana Mukherjee (@SumanaMukherjee) September 25, 2020

Just how cool you areeee ❤️💃🏽
— Gurman Bhatia (@GurmanBhatia) September 25, 2020

You have brought so much joy to my heart with your little routine, filled with fun, ease, mischief and such beauty! 🧡🌱
— mahima nambiar (@mahimanambiar) September 25, 2020

This video was the first thing I saw this morning and It. Made. My. DAY!! Following you in the hopes of seeing more such stuff..!!
— Maithili Iyer (@NewWifesTales) September 25, 2020

That was really flowing smooth 😍
— Data_Bot (@__Prasoon_) September 25, 2020

That fusion of the music, vocals and your moves were hypnotic. All the best!
— Suresh Mathew (@Suresh_Mathew_) September 25, 2020

Loved the energy… I’m gonna show this to my 3y.o daughter. pic.twitter.com/1atAbsTjRb
— ⍟ (@Ahilarious) September 25, 2020

This is so amazing. Very mood lifting.
— Ansh Raj (@Ansh_____) September 25, 2020

You radiate joy! 👏👏
— Sue! (@Wander_Ponder) September 25, 2020
Kutty said that though she has been hooping for over 10 years, it has been five years since she started teaching the dance form.
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