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Entertainment Bigg Boss Telugu voting results live updates 1st October 2020: Mehboob, Swathi or Sohel to go home this weekend


Bigg Boss 4 Telugu is having a good run in week 4 and even surprisingly holding up against IPL due to the interesting tasks from Bigg Boss these days. Thankfully the organizers have taken up our requests and are setting up interesting tasks which has kept audience support for the controversial reality show.

Some contestants are getting agressive in tasks and especially Sohel could be seen getting easily provoked durign the recent captaincy task in week 4. As on Thursday 1st October 4 contestants are in danger of elimination among the seven nominated contestants. Here are some detailed anaylsis of nominated contestants and our insight into who might get eliminated this weekend on 4th October 2020.
Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote results: Contestants in dange of Elimination (October 1)
Swathi Deekshit with voting percentage of 12 is at the bottom of the list and might get eliminated this weekend. It’s sad to see her in this state as she is the wild card contestant who came into Bigg Boss house exactly 7 days ago. Bigg Boss should put up rule to not allow nominating wild card contestants until audience see their performance for 7 days. This is followed in Bigg Boss Hindi while the regional shows are not doing it. This is also the reason why a wild card entrant has never won Bigg Boss.
Mehboob is also at the bottom of the table with 12.24% of vote and his social media fanbase might find it difficult to save him compared to last week when he was saved at the end from elimination. It was Devi who had to go home,
Kumar Sai is again getting nominated for 3 weeks in a row and it must be noted that he came in the mid of first week as the first wild card entry. Kumar Sai’s nature is not going well with contestants and hence they constantly nominate him. He is also in danger of elimination.
Sohel is a contestant whose aggressive nature has made him dig his own grave. His fight against fan favourite like Abhijeet has not worked in his favour and has put him in danger of elimination this weekend.
Bigg Boss 4 Telugu Vote Results: Contestants who are safe (1 October)
Abhijeet is leading the pack as always with a huge marging. He can be sure to reach top 5 and is slowly building his army of fans. Abhijeet social media team is also doing a great job from day 1 and this has made sure he is safe from elimination in week 4.
Dethadi Harika has realised her strategy to stay in the game and is making sure to voice out her opinion to ensure that she stays inside Bigg Boss house. This has worked for her and she is trailing behind Abhijeet and safe from elimination.
Lasya has women fans who are making sure that she wont get eliminated this weekend. Though she is not as popular as Divi or Harika her social media presence have made sure that she gets votes to stay in the game.
Bigg Boss Telugu Voting Procedure
How to Vote for Lasya in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu
To Vote through mobile, Give a (10) Missed Calls to 888 66 58 203 . To vote through app Login to the Disney + Hotstar APP, Search for Bigg Boss Telugu & Cast your Votes for Lasya. (Limit 10 Votes per Day)
How to Vote for Harika in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu
Give a Missed Call to 888 66 58 208 (Limit 10 Missed Calls per day). To vote through app go to Disney+Hotstar App
1. Type BiggBoss Telugu
2. Click on Vote
3. Tap on Harika’s profile (10 times)
How to Vote for Abijeet in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu
Give a Missed Call to 888 66 58 204 (Limit 10 Missed Calls per day). Login on to Disney + Hotstar APP, Search for Bigg Boss Telugu & Cast your Votes for Abijeet.(Limit 10 Votes per Day)
How to Vote for Sohel in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu
Please vote by giving 10 missed calls to 888 66 58 209 daily or login to hotstar and cast your 10 votes.
How to Vote for Kumar Sai in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu
To vote for Kumar Sai through Missed calls call 888 66 58 217 (10 maximum daily). Vote through Disney+ Hotstar app by tapping on his profile 10 times daily.
How to Vote for Swathi Deekshith in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu
To Vote through Call Dial 888 66 58 219. Login to Hotstar, type BiggBoss Telugu and cast your Vote to Swathi.
How to Vote for Mehaboob in Bigg Boss 4 Telugu
To Vote through missed call numbers dial 888 66 58 206 (10 times) per day. To vote through Hotstar App, select Mehboob profile in voting section and tap it 10 times daily.

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