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5 easy and natural ways to improve your digestion

TIMESOFINDIA.COM | Last updated on – Sep 22, 2020, 19:00 ISTclose01/6​5 easy and natural ways to improve your digestionFeeling gassy, bloated or constipated is never fun. Various factors lead to indigestion and thus problems like bloating and constipation arise. The uneasiness caused by bloating can cause unbearable stomach ache. Do not worry anymore! The good news is you can improve your digestion and relieve yourself of any discomfort with some natural ways.We have rounded up the top five natural ways to beat indigestion to keep you active and happy. readmore02/6​Eat properlyPeristalsis is the process of digestion from start to finish and is triggered when food is consumed and it travels down your oesophagus. Digestion is dependent on how much we eat. If we are dieting or eating too less, it can result in constipation. So, in order to digest food, we need to eat food. readmore03/6​Chew your foodAs children, we’ve been taught to eat slowly at the dinner table. This way, the food can get digested easily. Digestion is the process where your food is broken down into the smallest particles that can be absorbed by your body as nourishment. When you chew your food properly, your stomach has to do less work as the food is already fragmented into small pieces. readmore04/6​Stay hydratedDrink enough water throughout the day and half of your work is done! This supports healthy digestion. Water helps in breaking down the food so that your body can absorb nutrients from it. However, various factors affect the right amount of water you should drink. On average, make sure to drink at least four litres of water every day. readmore05/6​Include fibre in your dietFibre helps speed up the movement of food to your large intestine. Eating enough fibre accelerates the process of digestion. The Food Drug Associated recommends having 28 grams of fibre each day.Have more veggies, fruits, whole grains, peas and beans to increase the fibre in your daily diet. readmore06/6​Get on the matSometimes when you’re feeling uneasy due to gas, the best thing to do is, get up and get moving. A study found the transit time for food between people who rested and those who exercised. People who exercised had decreased food transit time by 15 hours. These participants were either cycling, running or walking.So next time you feel constipated or bloated, the best thing you can try is to go for a brisk walk or do some light exercise. readmore
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